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Mobile Guide

The FAC Museum Mobile Guide is an interactive experience for visitors to engage with artworks and exhibitions while at the FAC museum.

Use your mobile device to explore the FAC museum and select works outdoors in our sculpture garden.

From guided gallery experiences and visual and interpretive scavenger hunts IN the museum, to interactions with exterior murals and works in our outdoor sculpture garden outside, the FAC Mobile Guide leads imaginations of all ages to connect to the works in new ways.

To access the guide when you’re at the FAC:
1. Open your phone camera
2. Point your camera at the QR codes located in, around, and outside of the FAC
3. Click the link to access the mobile guide

Please note: Rights and permissions for the FAC Mobile Guide use are limited to on-property access only; please do not download the app to your home screen or access the FAC Mobile Guide when not on FAC property.