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Gallery tOUR Leaders


Announcing a new generation of arts education at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College!

Values and Goals

The Gallery Tour Program values interactivity. With the aid of the museum’s Education Department, Tour Leaders seek new ways for visitors to concretely engage during tours. They embrace touring techniques which foster dialogue through multiple modalities and are focused on inclusivity. Through discussion based touring, Tour Leaders help to develop critical thinking through inquiry.

Tour Leaders

Tour Leaders are positive individuals who enjoy learning and working with a team, children, and the community. They embrace an active engagement, discussion, and inquiry touring model. They welcome feedback in the continual quest to provide the best experiences possible. Tour Leaders have a mindset that is inquisitive, self-motivated, and open to diverse viewpoints. They encourage visitors to explore art and develop greater insights into our increasingly complex world.

The Commitment

Tour Leaders must commit to touring three times a month (approximately 25 times per year), conducting tours that are 90 minutes in length with 8-12 students at a time. They are expected to participate in three to four hours of workshops and trainings, gallery and exhibit openings, and other learning opportunities each month and to remain current with the background and purpose of FAC exhibits and tour curriculum.

The Benefits

  • A free FAC membership after leading 20 tours
  • Ability to specialize in particular types of tours after demonstrating mastery of the foundational 90-minute tour.
  • Access to gallery walks with artists and curators.
  • Eligible for reciprocal benefit, providing access to other participating museums across the nation

Be a part of the next generation of arts education at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

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