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3×3 Projects


Q: What is meant by a digital/virtual experience? Does it need to be a video?

A: This parameter is intentionally vague because we want the artists to decide the medium that best communicates their creative collaboration. The most important consideration is that the finished work is made with online engagement in mind. Viewers should be able to access the work without needing any specialized equipment.

We encourage artists to consider the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. At present, the FAC is best prepared to support video-oriented projects. Artists considering other types of projects will need to indicate their plans as part of their proposal and, if selected, will work closely with the FAC team to best meet the needs of the creative experience.

Q: How/when will funds be distributed?

A: Selected groups will receive half of the funds ($1500) as soon as they have confirmed acceptance of the award and completed the necessary paperwork. Payment of the second half of the funds ($1500) will be processed upon final submission of the project and any related publicity materials (such as a brief artist introduction video). Payments will be made to one member of each team for disbursement as agreed upon within the group. We will work to disburse funds as soon as possible, and anticipate this process should take no longer than two weeks at each stage.

Q: When will the teams be notified?

A: Our selection committee will begin reviewing applications the first week of February. We plan to notify selected teams by March 15.

Q: When in the month (June, July, August) is the project due?

A: We will work with selected teams to determine the final submission deadline for their project.  A schedule for release of all nine projects will be developed following our announcement of the funded projects.