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Research Policy
Museum Collections

The FAC Museum is committed to supporting research and scholarship based on our collection.

It is fundamental to the Museum’s mission to provide access to the Museum’s collection and promote appreciation of its significance. The Museum will support continuing scholarly investigation and research in order to document, publish, and advance the understanding of the Museum’s collections, as well as contribute to broader academic and public discourses. Individuals such as professors, students, scholars, and researchers may request access to objects in the collection for research purposes.

Standard days and times for collections access are: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 12:30-4:30 p.m. View all guidelines

Colorado College faculty should contact:
Blair Huff, (719) 477-4312
Sara Hodge, (719) 477-4384

All other visitors should make their requests in advance, using the inquiry form below. The registrar will consult with the relevant curator, the museum director, and other staff as needed. Requests will be granted or denied after careful review of relevant criteria:

  • Project supports the mission of the museum, the Fine Arts Center, and Colorado College
  • Availability of staff, spaces, and of requested objects
  • Physical condition of the objects requested
  • Security concerns, including well-being and preservation of the objects and the collection

Requests to view objects of Native American cultural patrimony will be assessed by the Curator of Southwest Art and (as necessary) relevant Native Nation representatives.

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