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The award-winning Fine Arts Center Theatre Company is located in Colorado Springs, CO approximately one hour south of Denver. It produces an annual season consisting of six main stage shows, a second stage season, and a five week summer youth conservatory for 14-18 year olds. In addition, the Performing Arts Department presents and hosts film festivals, concerts, dance and more. As part of the Fine Arts Center, it collaborates with the Taylor Museum and the Bemis School of Art to produce multi-disciplinary projects.

The Technical Director position is a full time, year-round position with a generous benefits package. Ideal start date is August, 2015. Please email a cover letter and resume to Chris Sheley. No calls please.

The CSFAC is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to candidates and employees without regard to race, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, height, weight, marital status, disability (unrelated to an individual’s ability to perform adequately), national origin, citizenship, ancestry, or any other characteristic protected by law.

TITLE:                                    Technical Director   

STATUS:                   Full time; Exempt; Benefits

DEPARTMENT:        Performing Arts

REPORTS TO:          Production Manager



The Technical Director is expected to supervise all personnel in the Scene Shop and to work with the Production Manager in coordinating with Production Designers. S/he will oversee the structural design, motion control, building of scenery and other design elements, keeping close track of productions in rehearsal and performance and maintain clear and accurate records of both time and money.


  1. Work with Designers and Director to ensure common knowledge of the Theatre’s technical capabilities and limitations.
  2. Determine with the Production Manager the feasibility of initial set designs and communicate production concerns and/or problems to the Production Manager.
  3. Determine the resources needed for each show and, if necessary, make recommendations to the Production Manager for changes to ensure no material or labor budget overruns.
  4. Attend all pre-production concept meetings and production meetings.
  5. Ensure materials and equipment are on hand and ready for projects to proceed in the scene shop.
  6. Keep open communication with Designers to anticipate design changes that could result in budget/work overruns and communicate any concerns to the Production Manager.
  7. Review designs with the Production Manager, paying special attention to how the scenery affects actor/personnel safety.
  8. Generate accurate and detailed working drawings of all scenic elements.
  9. Work with the carpenters during builds and load-ins.

Tech Week/Production

  1. Supervise changeovers from production to production in the area of scenery.
  2. Arrange and provide technical support to oversee all technical rehearsals and previews of each production.
  3. In conjunction with the MC Carpenter, ensure that the scenery aspects of the production are maintained during the run of each show.

Budget Supervisory Duties

  1. Maintain clear financial records of show-by-show expenses in the scenery area and ensure that expenses are prudent and economical.
  2. Closely work with Designers to ensure that no line budget item is changed or exceeded without prior approval of the Production Manager.
  3. Supervise the budget and hiring of extra labor in the Scene Shop.
  4. Follow the established production purchasing procedures.

Personnel Supervisory Duties

  1. Maintain a positive attitude of leadership.
  2. Keep track of all events, meetings, activities, and scheduling to ensure an informed Scene Shop staff.
  3. Supervise any volunteers and interns assigned to the Technical Director’s department.
  4. Coordinate detailed work schedules for interaction between departments.
  5. Keep the Production Manager and Director of Performing Arts informed of any department personnel problems.
  6. Strive to maintain pleasant work attitudes in technical areas.
  7. See that the proper chains of communication are being followed.

Equipment Supervisory Duties

  1. Ensure maintenance of equipment and inventories of the Scene Shop and approve same.
  2. Supervise the use of scene shop and theatre space by all technical departments.
  3. Be aware of improvements and/or equipment needs and bring them to the attention of the Production Manager.


  1. Accept and take direction from the Director of Performing Arts
  2. Perform other duties as required
  3. Adhere to all Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center operating procedures to include safety and security
  4. Assist when appropriate in special programming and events.

Experience, Abilities, Skills Required

  1. Excellent leadership and personnel management
  2. Complete proficiency in VectorWorks
  3. Industry knowledge of technical theatre including but not limited to stage craft, carpentry, welding, plastics, foam, and fly-house rigging. Motion Control and automation a plus.
  4. Bachelor’s degree in theatre and professional experience. Motion control and automation a plus.
  5. Budget management experience
  6. Excellent leadership and personnel management
  7. General office skills, including PC/Microsoft proficiency