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Clay TV

Join Bemis School of Art’s Assistant Director, Jeremiah Houck, in his studio for fun, relaxing videos of all things clay. 

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Episode 2 | A Pot is Born


Episode 1 | Things That Spin


Artist Bio

Jeremiah Houck photo by Jeff Kearney

Jeremiah Houck was born in Pittsburgh, PA, 1970 (a year that used to not be as long ago as it is now) and moved to Colorado in 1995.

He is the assistant director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College’s Bemis School of Art, where he has worked since 1996.

He previously was a clay teacher at Bemis for 20 years, Pikes Peak Community College adjunct instructor for nine years, Commonwheel Artist Co-op shop member, Pikes Peak Studio Art Tour, Cottonwood studio member, BAC (now the MAC) non-studio member, and Claypeople Studio artist.

Jeremiah enjoys making things out of clay and firing them into things more permanent than he is.