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FAC Theatre Creative Team Showcase

This project was originally created for the FAC Theatre School virtual summer camps, showcasing a little bit of how a theatre creative team collaborates in the process of moving from idea, to vision, to final product. We’re so proud of this project that we want to share it here, with all of you.

Watch the theatre company staff develop and create a 3-dimensional art work based on the fairy tale Jack and The Beanstalk, from initial discussion to a completely built mini-stage. It’s a true peek behind the curtain to help you get a sense of how we make magic on our stages show after show.

FAC Theatre Staff Collaborate



Mickey Burdick
Technical Director

Kate L. Ferdinandi
Production Stage Manager

Morgan Gatson
Assistant Stage Manager

Leo Haselhorst
Master Carpenter

Nathan Halvorson
Associate Director of Performing Arts & Director, FAC Theatre School

Terri Harrison
Second Stage Stage Manager/Props Designer & Audition Monitor

Jacob Keough-Mishler
Senior Designer, Sound & Video

Scott RC Levy
Producing Artistic Director & Director of Performing Arts

SB Parks
Costume Shop Supervisor

Holly Anne Rawls
Lighting Director

Christopher L. Sheley
Director of Production

Alyssa Washburn
Charge Scenic Artist