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Huerfano is a case study and love letter to a place both fascinating and incomprehensible. The Sangre De Cristo mountains and the surrounding plains and valleys hold centuries of history and magic most people only glance at from car windows. This project seeks to take a step closer than an arms length to the land and stories we barely know exist.



Creative Team

Meet the creative team


Kevin Q. Marchman

Co-founder, producer and Director of Education with the Black Actors Guild. As an actor he has worked with esteemed institutions such as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Curious Theatre and recently, Holdtight NYC. Perhaps his main source of passion and purpose is working in schools as a teaching artist. Through the Black Actors Guild and DCPA he is proud to say that he has worked in over 100 classrooms and employed dozens of local artists in the pursuit of connecting youth to creators in their communities.

Fa’al Ali

Entrepreneur and owner of Eazy Media and ILA Gallery, Fa’al Ali is happiest when he’s traveling and capturing the moments with the camera. He has extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, print design, commercial and web videography, video editing, sound design and 3D animation. Fa’al has been featured on Camber Outdoor Panel, Denver Start-up week panel, has served as a mentor and created URBN Media-a coworking space for minority owned business owners. Currently this diverse artist owns ILA Gallery and helps other artists elevate themselves.

Xochitl Portillo

A poet, playwright and theatre educator currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico by way of her hometown and heart, Denver.

Gwendolyn Gussman

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Gwendolyn Gussman is a NYC- based interdisciplinary artist, choreographer and director. 

3×3 Projects: Creative Collaborations from Isolation

Artists collaborate all the time, but not always from a distance. In our present reality of isolation, artists must find different avenues for the creation and presentation of work. With this in mind, the Fine Arts Center and Performing Arts at Colorado College invited artists of the Rocky Mountain West and American Southwest to pitch collaborative, multidisciplinary projects to premiere in the online world in the coming months.

Support for 3×3 Projects is provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for Southwest Arts and Culture, Performing Arts at Colorado College, and the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund.