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In Studio | Christine Flores

Meet Christine Flores and hear about her unique artistic practice.

Christine Flores explores the joys and trials of human life through multimedia projects. Flores works with sculpture, digital media, and zines; but her work most often takes the form of whimsical drawings of ordinary objects on paper rendered in dry media such as ink, graphite, charcoal, and markers. Flores’ work is simultaneously personal and democratic, illustrating events and concepts that can be both individually experienced and shared. Her focus on the everyday imparts relatability to her works, while quiet and intricate details invite close and intimate investigation. Flores’ work examines the breadth of human experience, ranging from quick doodles celebrating the so-called “little things” to meticulous drawings that contemplate the more arduous parts of life.

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In studio with Christine Flores


Artist Bio

Christine Flores was born in 1991 in Colorado Springs. She graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts in May 2020. In 2017, Flores exhibited her first solo show Space: new works on paper at The Proof Gallery at Ladyfingers Letterpress. Flores’ work was featured in The Modbo’s Young Hot Sh*ts in 2017 and Rule Number 1 in 2018. She has shown her work in group exhibitions at Kreuser Gallery, The Machine Shop, and The Gallery Below. Flores was awarded the Pikes Peak Art Council’s Rising Star Award in 2018. She most recently exhibited her work in the group show Gratitude at Kresuer Gallery in February 2021.