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In Studio | Jem Brock

Jem Brock’s work focuses on spirituality by addressing the ritualization of repetitive action. Appropriating stories from religion and mythology, he uses the calligraphic mark in his drawing practice to emphasize storytelling as a method of understanding humanity’s place in the universe. In his sculptural practice, he affirms the role of the body in ritual through hands-on manipulation of utilitarian materials. His pieces explore themes such as beauty, truth, ancestry, and the presence of light and space.

Headshot by Elizabeth Schmidt

In Studio | Jem Brock


Jem Brock's Biography

Jem Brock was born and raised in central Illinois before relocating to Colorado, where he attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to pursue a B.A. in Visual Arts and Art History. While working on his undergraduate degree, he served as Co-President of the UCCS Art Club, the Visual Arts Student Representative in the Visual & Performing Arts Department Chair’s Council, and as Student Advisor at GOCA-Galleries of Contemporary Art. He has exhibited in various locations, including White Trash Gallery in La Salle, IL, The Dock in Colorado Springs, CO, and the Museum of Art Fort Collins in Fort Collins, CO. In addition to his visual arts practice, he is also a writer, and performed spoken word poetry in 2019 at TEDxColorado Springs: Frontiers.

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