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A Mural in the Making: Eric Bransby and Trevor Thomas

November 17, 2012 - January 6, 2013

This is a project that has already gone very deep in impacting the lives of a small number of people in profound ways.”
—Sam Gappmayer, Fine Arts Center CEO

Since 1936, mural art has been an integral part of the Fine Arts Center experience. There are murals by some of this region’s most renowned artists in the courtyard, café, lower level lounge, and on the building’s façade. In anticipation of our 75th anniversary, the FAC commissioned Eric Bransby in 2009 to paint a new permanent mural for the glass corridor. Bransby’s sprawling painting depicts aspects of the visual and performing arts that comprise our institution’s identity, as well as significant figures from the FAC’s illustrious history.

Bransby worked on the FAC mural for almost two years. Early in the process, he employed Trevor Thomas to assist in the monumental task of implementing his vision. Bransby was impressed with Thomas’s craftsmanship and figure drawing skills, while Thomas was eager to immerse in mural-making traditions. The 5 x 27 foot mural, was unveiled in April 2012 as a shining capstone on our 75th anniversary year. We believe that it will forever represent our generation’s profound contribution to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center’s legacy.

Over the course of almost two years, master muralist Eric Bransby and assistant Trevor Thomas transformed the Fine Arts Center 75th Anniversary Mural from Bransby’s small-scale study drawings into the 27-foot long mural now installed in the FAC’s main corridor. This exhibition looks at their process through Bransby’s original concept drawings, as well as the stunning full-scale cartoon by Bransby and Thomas. Three exquisite figure drawings by Thomas will show the skill with which he approached the project and the creative influence that Bransby exerted on the apprentice. Also included is a video presentation that illuminates the mural’s source material.