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Aaron Smith’s Synergy Project #1

Aaron Smith's magnificent Synergy Project #1 creates a unique environment in which a mural sized kinetic painting captivates the visual senses and evokes references to meditation, cosmology and spirituality.

August 30, 2014 - January 11, 2015

By precisely pairing a beautifully designed acrylic sculpture with manipulated light, Smith changes the way we perceive the sculpture and the space around it. The artist states that his work “stems from an interest in the relationship between visual perception and the existentialist notion of presence, and how they work together to form a part of the human experience.”

The work is activated by subtle changes in ambient air movement, frequently caused by the activity of surrounding viewers. The project operates in a cause and effect relationship between the viewer’s activity and the movement of light within the surrounding space.

Originally from Kansas City, Aaron Smith has lived and worked in Colorado Springs since 2007. His installation art utilizes light as a primary medium, and his practice also incorporates drawing, painting and sculpture. His art has been featured in exhibitions at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine; the Mercer Gallery at Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas; Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs; the Business of Arts center in Manitou Springs; and has been leased by the University of Colorado for their newly redesigned bookstore. He has worked throughout southern Colorado as an independent commercial photographer and freelance artist and has had work featured in the Colorado Springs Independent. Smith is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree at Maine College of Art.