Skip to main content Collage made of cast away lottery and scratch tickets by Ghost of a Dream

Ghost of a Dream: Remember When Tomorrow Came

March 17, 2012 - May 27, 2012

Ghost of a Dream is the New York based collaborative team of Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was. Mining the detritus of popular culture they create sculptures and installations that embody people’s hopes and dreams for luxury, opulence, salvation, or the perfect love. Using cast away lottery and scratch tickets or romance novel covers they construct works that are visually stunning yet rife with biting wit and an undercurrent of shattered illusions.

Their work both stimulates and challenges the senses while critiquing our fascination with instant gratification and the easy way out. “Whether it is a romance novel that someone reads to enter into a dream reality; a religious track promising the glory of eternal life; or a lottery ticket that gives the possibility of a future full of rich decadence; we use these remnants to re-create people’s dreams.”

Ghost of a Dream’s works are shown nationally and internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in Bologna, London, Beijing, Berlin, Copenhagen, Basel, and New York. They have been awarded artist’s residencies in Berlin and Basel, from the Wassaic Project in New York, and most recently from Brooklyn, NY’s Smack Mellon Studio Program nd the Bemis Foundation in Omaha.

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