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Lost then Found: Stories of the “Tilley Crucifix”

Lane East Gallery

Curious about the “back story” behind the objects in the FAC museum? Students in Colorado College’s Museum Practicum class spent this year investigating one of the artworks in the Museum’s collection, the “Tilley Crucifix.” As part of the project, the students researched, studied, and examined the object, while collaborating with local community members to tell its story. This exhibition focuses on how an object and its migration resonate with meaning today. 

Photo: Left to right, Kate Brush ’23 (rainbow color top), Sarah Bedell ’24 (black t-shirt-yellow square), Adrianna Gautreaux ’23 (navy blue top). CC students are engaged with professor Rebecca Tucker in the Museum Practicum course to learn about their individual roles in the process — from exhibition planning, selecting works from the permanent collection, installation, content development, etc. Photo by Lonnie Timmons III / Colorado College.