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Mother: Photographs by Carol S. Dass

February 23, 2013 - June 2, 2013


“Typed out in bold that word seems foreign to me. Partly because I have never been or will ever be a mother. As I move through this life, thinking about aging and one’s place in the world a lot of time has recently been spent with my mother. She has been alone for several years, and I have been seeing her with new eyes while listening to her history. It’s funny how growing up we have a tendency to view our mothers as just that… Mother. Growing up I was unable to see beyond that role of the woman who carried me in her womb, raised me the best that she could, and will in many ways continue to view me as a child regardless of my age. My mother went to work when I was very young to support us, attended night school while working and also taking care of nearby relatives. She was not at home to greet me with a plate of warm cookies, asking after my day when I came home from school. I remember when I was an adult coming into my own finally seeing my mother as a person; a unique individual who had many adventures and stories to tell. The reasons behind perceived and real dysfunction became easier to understand. These images are a small documentation of my Mother, a small reflection of what has occurred and what is ahead.” –Carol S. Dass

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