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Ralph Allen


Born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti in 1952, is an accomplished Haitian artist whose work spans murals and painting. Committed to an artistic practice of public art, he has created many murals. Late 20th-century politics haunts his work and he returns often to the terror of the Duvalier period. Allen does not belong to any specific Haitian school of painting and is often considered as working outside these different genres. Allen was awarded a scholarship to the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York in 1971, where he studied drawing, graphic design, painting and sculpture. He returned to Haiti in 1976, and presently resides there. His paintings have been exhibited at the Loeb Center at New York University, and the National Audubon Society.

Allen’s mural Envoûtement captures the vibrancy of Haitian music and dance, which are always present in Haitian cultural activities. Through vigorous brushstrokes and vivid colors, Envoûement communicates the energy of Haitian music. Envoûtement was created as part of the exhibition The Art of Haiti: Loas, History, and Memory and will remain on view throughout 2018. Assistance was provided by Colorado College student Quang Vu.

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