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Spreading Its Wings: Cuban Art from the Ron and Una Brasch Collection

It is fresh, unusual, and tells a story.

October 3, 2015 - March 20, 2016

Contemporary Cuban art has played an important role in the Brasch collection since 2008. That was the year Una and Ron made their first trip to Havana to visit artists’ studios, after discovering Cuban artists at an international art fair.

Following several more trips to Havana, including one a few months ago, the Brasch’s have greatly expanded the Cuban work in their sizable contemporary collection. “Now you can see why Cuban contemporary is considered so dynamic and popular with collectors around the world,” says Ron Brasch. “It is fresh, unusual, and tells a story – which I love!”

Art supplies are very scarce in Cuba, which suffers from shortages of everything from food to medicine. So these visionary artists have learned to identify unconventional materials and reimagine their use in service of communicating aspects of their lives and experiences. They even have a term for this – inventar!


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