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Wild Horses

June 28, 2012 - August 19, 2012

“Unquestionably one of the greatest works of art anywhere in the state.”


In honor of the western heritage of the Pikes Peak Region, the FAC has curated a new western-themed art exhibition that features artists from the permanent collection, including Frank Mechau, Luis Jimenez, Myron Wood, and Lawrence Barrett. The 1936 fresco mural, Wild Horses, by Frank Mechau has been called, “unquestionably one of the greatest works of art anywhere in the state,” according the Denver’s entertainment weekly, Westword.

Mechau, a Colorado native and master of the American western scene, came to Colorado Springs in 1935 as an instructor at the Broadmoor Art Academy (the FAC predecessor). FAC architect John Gaw Meem himself approved the small scale drawing of the mural for the FAC Courtyard.

“All the pieces in the show are terrific and will resonate with anyone who grew up in the West. Frank Mechau’s simple line drawing is nothing short of amazing in its confidence, complexity and knowledge of subject. This small show is well worth seeing.” —Sam Gappmayer, CEO