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Exercise: Explore a Virtual Utopia

Explore Becky Wareing Steele’s work featured in Utopia: A New Society for All, her 2019 exhibition at the Fine Arts Center.

Students may view the exhibition virtual tour linked below while considering questions from the accompanying exercise that encourage them to think deeply about a variety of themes.

Download Utopia virtual tour

Download a fillable pdf of the accompanying exercise

Educator Support

Essential Questions:

  • How do we build and sustain communities?
  • What elements are necessary to maintain a successful society?

Topics & Themes:

  • Building and sustaining communities
  • Symbolic representation of patriotism
  • Democratic systems
  • Environmental sustainability

Students will develop these essential skills required in the Colorado Academic Standards:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Use evidence to support claims
  • Activate creativity
  • Connect learning to their lives (text/art to self)
  • Analyze civic responsibility

Ways to differentiate for time, ability, level:

  • First connect students to communities they know (classroom, school, neighborhood, familial)
  • Limit to specific themes
  • Complete over an extended period
  • Chunk the assignment into various parts
  • Stimulate virtual discussions based on written responses