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Libation Lectures

A Member-Only Lecture Series

An educational twist to the traditional happy hour, each lecture will explore an aspect of the amazing art and featured artists from various FAC exhibitions served up with a themed drink to help you really dive deep into the topic.

5:15-6:30 p.m. (lecture begins at 5:30) | $10 per lecture and includes your first drink
Located in FAC Deco Lounge and Taste Restaurant

Thursday, August 22

Thursday, August 22

Wednesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 23


Tuesday, November 19

Tuesday, November 19


Corsets, Capes and Caps – Oh my!

Gypsy Ames, Adjunct Associate Professor and Costume Designer at Colorado College

Drink: Naked Pretzel

The costume creates the character by the way it looks, but also by the way it affects the movement of the performer inhabiting it. The movement can be enhanced, restricted, created or made impossible by the physical nature of the costume. Learn about the art of harmonizing vision and action in design. (Coincides with the exhibition World of WearableArt™)

Rebels, Rascals and Geniuses: The Characters of the Broadmoor Art Academy

Leah Davis Witherow, Curator of History, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Drink: Bee’s Knees

The Broadmoor Art Academy drew an eclectic assortment of students, artists and supporters where heiresses rubbed elbows with revolutionaries. In this illustrated lecture, some of the personalities behind the famous artwork will be explored and stereotypes of “staid Colorado Springs” will be challenged. (Coincides with the exhibition Broadmoor Art Academy and Its Legacy)

Apocalypse Now, and Then: The End of Dinosaurs and the Dawn of Mammals

Ian Miller, Curator of Paleobotany and Director of the Earth and Space Sciences at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Drink: Beer from Fossil Beer Co.

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid measuring 6 miles in diameter and traveling at more than 100,000 miles an hour, hit the Yucatan Peninsula. The ensuing catastrophic events eliminated the dinosaurs and led to the most recent mass extinction in Earth’s history. Around the world, precious few spots have a rich fossil record from immediately before and after the Cretaceous-Paleogene or K-Pg mass extinction. The rocks along the Front Range, right here in our back yard, may be the best spot in the world to investigate this global apocalypse. Fossil remains of plants and animals from the area tell a story of abundance prior to the asteroid impact. This is not uncommon as multiple sites around the world preserve a similar record. Importantly, and what makes the Front Range so special, is that there is also a complimentary and equally rich and remarkable fossil record following the extinction. From those fossils we can tease out the first chapters of how life rebounded from the asteroid impact and led to all the ecosystems we see on earth today. (Coincides with the exhibition Notes from the Musick Collection)

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