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A special note about MARY POPPINS

The rave reviews are great. Heaven knows, actors and directors love to please the critics.
But sometimes, it’s the comments from the community that touch us the most. Here’s a lovely note from a chaperone at Mountain Song Community School whose kids had never before experienced live theatre.
Subject: So amazed, and grateful!
Hi, Scott,
I was blown away by Mary Poppins on Tuesday.  What an incredible, intricate show – full of surprises and delight!!
The fact that you held an entire audience of children and teenagers for nearly three hours is testament enough to the cast, the sets, the blocking, the costumes, the singing, the dancing, the comedic insertions and timing, and the sheer ENTERTAINMENT the show provided.
I had never seen the stage version of Mary Poppins, and I thought it WAY exceeded the film – or at least your version of it did. 🙂
I loved how the story weaved between the characters’ journeys.  We were really rooting for this family to come out of the dumps, wake up to their own lives, and find each other; and yet it was bittersweet to see the charming Mary Poppins complete her task and take to the wind.
By the last song Anything Can Happen, my own heart was soaring and pondering the possibilities for my own life (OK, this is getting sentimental).
I applaud you for bringing this kind of experience to Colorado Springs, and most importantly, to the children of Colorado Springs.  I was so moved and so grateful that these kids are being exposed to something so powerful, delightful and well-executed at their young ages.  I don’t think any of us know the potential far-reaching ramifications of this, but I know those ramifications are good.
Thank you, Scott – for doing this work, and for making it possible for the children of Mountain Song to attend.  (I am SO grateful I was able to chaperone!!)
Warm regards,

heather roberts