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Here you’ll find not only our current Fine Arts Center staff, you’ll also find our Advisory Board, the men and women who provide the highest level of governance to this organization.

Staff Board Directory

The FAC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and we are constantly looking for new talent — actors, artists, executives, interns — to join in our efforts to provide quality arts program to the Pikes Peak region.

Employment opportunities

Like most non-profit arts groups, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to help as docents, ushers, poster distribution people, and more. We consider your time and effort precious resources, and they’re essential to our mission.

Volunteering Information



Idris Goodwin, Director

Cathy Gillis, Administrative Assistant
(719) 477-4357

Maria Capp, Operations Manager
(719) 477-4375

Julia Barrett, Assistant Director of Events
(719) 477-4350


Laura Hines, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(719) 389-6892

Samilja Heim, Development Director
(719) 477-4317

Kim Sweeney, Membership Manager
(719) 477-4390

Jean Truty, Patron Stewardship Specialist
(719) 477-4379


(719) 475-2444

Tara Sevanne Thomas, Director
(719) 475-2444

Jeremiah Houck, Assistant Director
(719) 477-4358

James Howard, Ceramics Program Coordinator
(719) 477-4318

Jamie Muth, Administrative Assistant
(719) 477-4345

Lindsey Laveirge, Administrative Assistant
(719) 475-2444


Dori Mitchell, Director of Marketing & Communications
(719) 389-6771

Michelle Winchell, Media Relations & Outreach Specialist
(719) 389-6770

Serena Wolford, Graphic Designer
(719) 389-6793


Rebecca Tucker, Ph. D, Museum Director
(719) 477-4311

Stormy Burns, Administrative Assistant
(719) 477-4323

Kris Stanec, Director of Museum Education, Senior Lecturer
(719) 477-4313

Polly Nordstrand, Curator of Southwest Art
(719) 477-4316

Katja Rivera, Curator of Contemporary Art

Blair Huff, Curatorial Assistant
(719) 477-4312

Anna Doctor, Curatorial Assistant
(719) 477-4308

Suzy M. Lewis, Curatorial Assistant
(719) 477-4300

Robyn Haynie, Registrar
(719) 477-4384

Michael Lorusso, Associate Registrar
(719) 477-4373

Austin Spiller, Digital Collections Assistant

Lauren Tyson, Special Projects Coordinator
(719) 477-4326

Jonathan Dankenbring, Exhibition Designer/Preparator Manager
(719) 477-4321

JD Sell, Museum Preparator
(719) 477-4324

Julianne Gavino, Ph. D, Curator of Academic Engagement
(719 ) 477-4319

Alie Ehrensaft, Museum Education Assistant
(719) 477-4322

Anna Tsouhlarakis, Artist in Residence
(719) 477-4383


Karen Khoury, Museum Shop Manager
(719) 477-4366

Soosan Abzari
Jill Ambrose
Adrienne Brown
John Capers
Lauren Hawkins
Matthew Rounis

Grace Rouse


Rebecca McCaskill, Patron Experience Director
(719) 477-4361

Hannah Atencio, Tours and Group Sales Coordinator
(719) 477-4392


(Front Desk & Box Office)
(719) 634-5583

Claire Ashmead, Patron Services Manager
Frances Huntington, Patron Services Assistant Manager
Tim King, House Manager

Patron Services Representatives

Kari Bell
Crystal Cavaiani
Priya Thomas
Colby Whittmore
Amy Zhang


(Museum Guides & Security Guards)
(719) 477-4304

Luke Cammack, Patron Experience Manager

Patron Experience Guides

Elyssa Attwood
Ric Bascobert
Kristina Berry
Colleen Briggs
Mark Cannon
Caitlin Coar
Natallia Fodemski
Susan Hinsdale
Lindsey Laveirge
Michael Lee
Dawn Maloney
Kim McKee
Angie Schwickerath
Darla Slee
Rachel Spencer
Ian Stewart
Teresa Taylor
Adam Toomes
Nicole Turner


Scott RC Levy, Producing Artistic Director and Director of Performing Arts
(719) 477-4336

Nathan Halvorson, Associate Director of Performing Arts
(719) 477-4340

Christina Shoemaker, Theatre Company Assistant
(719) 477-4335

Christopher Sheley, Director of Production
(719) 477-4355

Mickey Burdick, Technical Director
(719) 477-4362

Holly Rawls, Lighting Director
(719) 477-4364

Leo Haselhorst, Master Carpenter
(719) 344-4338

Jacob Keough-Mishler, Senior Designer, Sound & Video

Alyssa Washburn, Charge Scenic Artist/Props Manager
(719) 477-4327

Kate L. Ferdinandi, Production Stage Manager

Sarah Beth Parks, Costume Shop Supervisor
(719) 477-4398

Terri Harrison, Music Room Stage Manager & Audition Monitor
(719) 477-4330

Morgan Gatson, Assistant Stage Manager

Baylee Parks, FAC Theatre Company Intern

Advisory Board

Martha Marzolf – CHAIR
Realtor/Broker Manager, RE/MAX Properties
Colorado Springs, CO

Sue Allon ‘81
Vice Chairwoman, Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Denver, CO

David Birnbaum  ’83
Co-CEO, Griffis Residential
Denver, CO

Ron Brasch
Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist, The FBB Group, Ltd.
Colorado Springs, CO

Cynthia Chavez Lamar, Ph.D. ’92
Assistant Director, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Alexandria, VA

Susan Edmondson
President/CEO, Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership
Colorado Springs, CO

Bob Greenebaum, Jr. ’76
Executive Vice President, Swett & Crawford Group, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Benjamin Harvey ’00
Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Colorado Springs, CO

Sylvia Ketcham P ‘21
Board Trustee, Seattle Art Museum
Seattle, WA

David Kunstle, J.D.
Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO

Anita Lane, M.D.
Physician, Touchstone Internal Medicine
Colorado Springs, CO

Audrey Heffernan Meyer P ’19
Professional Stage and Television Actress
New York City, NY

C.J. Moore
Community Leader
Colorado Springs, CO

Ella Maria Ray, Ph.D. ’85
Associate Professor of African American Studies and Visual Anthropology,
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Denver, CO

Blake Wilson
Co-owner, The Art Bank and Oriental Rug Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Shawn Womack, M.F.A.
Associate Professor/Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department,
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO