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Our volunteer corps is an essential component in expanding and enhancing our services and programs to our community. At the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College we believe that volunteering should be enriching, rewarding, and a productive use of a volunteer’s time. Volunteers will meet new people, explore new interests, and support our arts community. The FAC offers numerous opportunities to assist in areas including hospitality, special events, and more. We welcome all individuals with various backgrounds interested in volunteering. Volunteer applications are continually accepted, but assignments are based on our current needs.

Become a Tour Leader

Tour Leaders guide 90-minute audience focused museum tours.

  • Are you interested in learning about best practices in museum education?
  • Are you passionate about making art museums accessible and exciting for school aged children and other visitors?
  • Do you view museums as cornerstones within communities, as places where all are welcome and inclusivity is valued?
  • Do you embrace peer review, team training, and discussions as fundamental tools for learning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us to learn more! Email

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In gratitude to the Fine Arts Center DISTINGUISHED DOCENTS whose combined service of over 500 years demonstrates a commitment to the tradition of yesterday and helps inspire the vision of tomorrow. More

Volunteer Opportunities


Would you like to see Theatre Company productions for free? Here is your opportunity. As an usher, you welcome and escort theatre patrons to their seats, helping ensure a quiet and distraction-free environment for them to enjoy the art on stage. Time commitment: flexible, however usher training is required. Ushers participate in a point system that may be redeemed for Theatre Company production tickets. If interested email our house manager, Tim King.


Greet and welcome visitors at admissions entrance during special events and openings. Greeters answer questions and provide information, directions, and specific guidance to patrons, as well as assistance to front desk staff as needed. Standing for long periods of time is required. Time commitment: variable.

Outreach for the FAC Theatre Company

Outreach volunteers act as “ambassadors” for the Theatre Company. Before a production opens, volunteers are needed to handle outreach efforts. You will go to predetermined locations to distribute flyers and get potential audiences excited about the upcoming production. We provide a list of places close to your workplace, home or school. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the productions and your community. Time commitment: 3-5 hours per week, except operators, which are 15-20 hours per week during production runs.

How to get involved

To apply for a volunteer position, fill out the form below.
If you have questions, email


    I hereby swear and attest that all information provided on this application is true and complete to the fullest extent of my knowledge. If I am accepted as a volunteer, FAC may end the relationship if I have made any false statements or material misrepresentations, written or verbal. As a condition of volunteering, I hereby grant permission to FAC to conduct a background check on me, which may inc lude a review of database records including but not limited to sex offender registries, child abuse and criminal history. I understand and agree that, if appointed, my position is conditional upon the FAC receiving no inappropriate in formation on my background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability the FAC, the officers , employees and volunteers thereof, and/or any other person or organization that may provide such information.