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Art for Art’s Sake: Fractal Butterfly

This week’s Art for Art’s Sake feature is a painted aluminum alloy butterfly that is currently on display in the FAC’s outdoor sculpture garden. The work by Sally Ann Wilson is called “Fractal Butterfly” and features a Mandelbrot set pattern that has become one of the world’s most widely recognized fractals.

Wilson, though a professional classical musician for most of her adult life, enjoys painting and the power of the visual arts.

“The intense joy that comes from completely losing myself in the painting process is a powerful experience in and of itself. When the finished painting resonates with another person, there is a joy and sense of communion that is deeply satisfying.”

This butterfly is one of many bringing art to local businesses and organizations.

Rotary Club of Colorado Springs to raise awareness and funding to ensure that children receive essential arts programs with the educational benefits that promote brain development, social skills, improved communication and effective learning.

All the aluminum butterflies will be auctioned off at the annual celebration at Cheyenne Mountain Resort on Sept. 19, 2010 to help provide arts education in targeted schools and assist the Rotary Community Service Fund in contributing to many wonderful causes in Colorado Springs.