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Artist Spotlight: Edda Renouf

50 x 50: The Herbert and Dorothy Vogel Collection (On view May 11–Aug 11, 2013) is on display for just three more short weeks! Beat the summer heat and come check out the amazing variation of artists and work in this collection, including pieces from Edda Renouf’s series: Dance of Primary Colors.

Edda Renouf, 2003, Dance of Primary Colors- 1 and Dance of Primary Colors- 6, ink, pencil, and colored pencil on acrylic, FA 2009.12.35 and FA 2009.12.34.


“Materials speak to me and unexpected things happen. It is from a silent conversation between materials and imagination, from intuitive listening that the paintings and drawings are born.” –Edda Renouf


Artist Edda Renouf Image Source

Edda Renouf attributes the four elements of time, memory, sound, and music as the primary inspirations for her work. She has traveled the world for her art, spending time in Mexico, India, New York City and Japan. Renouf’s approach involves responding to the structure of the linen canvas and cotton paper on which she draws and paints, etching into the organic layers and physically removing threads from the surface. Within this process Renouf strives to reveal the abstract energy within the materials and, as she explains, “make the invisible visible.”