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Art in a Time of Crisis

This mini-documentary tells the story of each artist, exploring how they’ve navigated the challenges of working and surviving during the pandemic. Artists adapt, meet challenges, and ultimately find breakthroughs that lead to innovative ways of creating and interacting.

Art in a time of Crisis


Creative Team

Art in a Time of Crisis Creative Team


Matte Refic

Matte Refic is a multimedia artist currently based in Pueblo, Colorado. Matte’s artistic practice includes large-scale murals, paintings, illustrations, videos, performance art. A major thread running through his work and life is community engagement and participation. To that end, Refic works with the Creative Arts Platform teaching inmate participants a variety of artistic methods with a therapeutic approach, as well as working with juvenile offenders on art projects for the public courts. His background as a graffiti artist is prominent in his paintings and drawings, thematically layered with introspection and experience from his work as a teacher and artist frequently working in public spaces. 

Chela Lujan

Chela Lujan hails from the high-plains and deserts of the Four Corners region. This is where she draws inspiration as a musician, traditional beadworker, activist and mother. Currently residing in southeastern Colorado, she balances providing free music education to children, running her own small jewelry business, and raising a spirited three year old. 

Inaiah Lujan

Inaiah Lujan is a producer, photographer and filmmaker. A 6th generation Colorado native, of LatinX and Jicarilla Apache ancestry, Lujan is one of six brothers and sisters born to a family of teachers, artists, healers and musicians. 

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3×3 Projects: Creative Collaborations from Isolation

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