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3×3 Projects

Creative Collaborations from Isolation

Artists collaborate all the time, but not always from a distance. In our present reality of isolation, artists must find different avenues for the creation and presentation of work. With this in mind, the Fine Arts Center and Performing Arts at Colorado College invited artists of the Rocky Mountain West and American Southwest to pitch collaborative, multidisciplinary projects to premiere in the online world this summer.

Nine projects have been selected and will be funded in the amount of $3,000 per project.

Learn more about the winning proposals below and check back for updates on release dates throughout the summer of 2021.

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Congratulations! 2021 3x3 Projects

A Little Past Seven O’clock on September 2

1885. Rock Springs, Wyoming. This sound-collage opera reckons with the lives and the afterlives Chinese immigrant miners massacred by white immigrant miners. Using a libretto of words distilled from firsthand accounts of survivors and a score composed onto an erased history, this project re-imagines and re-centers the narratives and poetics of Asian-American voices.

Project Artists: AJ Layague, Yumiko Morita, Kalean Ung

Art in a Time of Crisis

This mini-documentary tells the story of each artist, exploring how they’ve navigated the challenges of working and surviving during the pandemic. Artists adapt, meet challenges, and ultimately find breakthroughs that lead to innovative ways of creating and interacting.

Project Artists: Inaiah Lujan, Matte Refic, Chela Lujan, The ReMinders (Aja and Samir) 

Behind the Cape: Colorado Mythology for the Future

Colorado Mythology for the Future aims to share the perspectives of Little Red from the lens of a Black, queer/non-binary and Native women all fighting their own wolves in today’s world. Artists K8e Orr, Ashley Cornelius, and Sophie Trémeau will invoke the color red and Colorado mythology for a retelling of her-story.

Project Artists: K8e Orr, Ashley Cornelius, Sophie Trémeau

Burque Cruise Life

There’s more to lowriders than just hopping cars—rooted in a strong bond with community, faith, culture, family, and artistry, lowrider culture is a way of life for many and in New Mexico. This project will explore the unique car culture that can be seen vividly every day along Route 66 in Albuquerque, with poetry and music from Carlos Contreras, Hakim Bellamy, and Diles.

Project Artists: Colin Hazelbaker, Carlos Contreras, Hakim Bellamy

Jane Doe Initiative: Blackhawk

Utilizing large oil paintings, an ethereal soundscape, and projected visuals on textile sculptures, the Jane Doe Initiative aims to explore and validate the identities of a range of unidentified, deceased women (commonly referred to as Jane Doe), starting with the local unsolved Blackhawk Pyre case.

Project Artists: Kailani Dobson, Lindsay Hand, Lisa Show, Shell Wojtas

Messy Hope

During the pandemic, one Colorado couple got a call from the NICU. “We’ve been trying to find you,” the nurse said. “The birth mother of your other children had another baby…and left. Would you like to take her home?” Lauren Ferrara, Dennison Howard, and Becky Kyle capture their story through photography and film.

Project Artists: Lauren Ferrara, Dennison Howard, Becky Kyle

Strange Land: The King and Queen of Science Fiction in Colorado Springs

Science fiction author Robert Heinlein and his wife, Virginia, lived in Colorado Springs for almost 20 years. This fascinating animated video intertwines local and literary history, showing the impact that science fiction’s most famous couple and Colorado Springs had on one another.

Project Artists: Ian Stewart, Michael Lee, Patrick Lee

The Hues: A View into the Black Experience

This project highlights themes of social justice through the lens of the Black community. With a clear understanding that the Black community is not monolithic, the artists will explore different emotional contrasts of Black experience.

Project Artists: Liz Lawerence, Jeresneyka Rose, Goddess Tyescha, Tori Sharpe

Venus: Space to Hold

Denver-based artist Annette Isham will create a new series of video works to be virtually installed in The Yard and surrounding Divine Redeemer neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The site-specific works will be experienced through the Popwalk augmented reality app, encouraging a meandering walk through suburban western landscape.

Project Artists: Ben Kinsley,  Annette Isham, David Lindsay, Jessica Langley

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