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The Hues: A View into the Black Experience

This project highlights themes of social justice through the lens of the Black community. With a clear understanding that the Black community is not monolithic, the artists will explore different emotional contrasts of Black experience.

Content advisory: This video contains brief strong language. 

A View into the Black Experience


Creative Team

Meet the Creative Team


Goddess Tyescha  

A Black New York Rican raised in Harlem began community organizing at 16 years of age, which led her to become the President of the local college campus, NAACP. Throughout her organizing career she has used poetry as a medium of expression.  Growing her understanding of healing and using art as a tool of enlightenment towards her journey.  Goddess has used their experiences of all their intersectionalities to express the experience of a Queer Genderfluid Black Afro-Latinx product of the crack era and first generational Puerto Rican parents.  They thrive to invest time in understanding communities and ignite the power they have and give tools to pull in more power for the community who have been stripped of their own narrative.   

Liz Lawrence

Liz Lawrence (Lizigns) is an artist, creator, graphic designer, and thrifter from Nashville, TN, currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO. She graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, completing her degree in Fine Art and Business Administration. With her designs, she wants to share both her creations and visions when it comes to creating art, design, clothing, and culture. Being a multidisciplinary artist has allowed her to express her beliefs and stories through both art and design. Lizigns’ goal of each upcycled creation is to create and tell a story about how art, repurposing, and thrifting can be transformed and innovated into wearable art pieces of upcycled clothing while mending mass consumption of textiles in our society.

Jeresneyka Rose

Jeresneyka Rose, of ArtByRizzo, is a self-taught visual artist and community advocate who creates positive messages of hope for the broader community and believes in the transformational power of art. She hosts a plethora of free and low-cost art classes, and she partners with organizations to provide free programming, such as the free online art workshops she created called Pencils in the Park which is powered in partnership with Generation Wild of the Pikes Peak Region at The Catamount Institute, the recent Painting in the Park sessions she led at Van Diest Park in conjunction with Solid Rock Community Development Corporation in Colorado Springs, CO. With a passion to grow access in the communities who are disenfranchised by the limitation to the arts, she strives to build equity in art.

Tori Sharpe

Tori Sharpe (she/her), is a local producer, documentarian, musician,  and observer of the human condition. Tori uses her lens to capture and amplify the light that is pushing against darkness and to tease out the narratives that need to break out.  A first-generation American and a British dual citizen, Tori has a bachelor’s in Psychology and her career and experiences as a combat medic and civilian EMT greatly influences her social justice work.  She operates her not-for-profit Soapbox Studios as a platform to provide this focusing on recording values vs. recording value; offering comprehensive high technical capability, mentorship, and studio facilities and equipment.  As a creative filmmaker, her mission is amplifying truths and transmitting emotion to alter worldviews.  She is currently producing documentaries revolving around law enforcement accountability and transgender rights.  

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