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Collaborative Projects from
FAC Youth Repertory Ensemble Students

A glimpse into the lives of teenagers during quarantine: both the mundane and the profound. Their hopes, their fears, and their compassion.

Shortly after the stay-at-home order was announced, we invited all the Youth Rep participants from last summer to utilize skills learned from our training program to provoke and create original work. Our collaborative process class, a core component of our summer work, leads our students through a series of exercises where we find common themes or ideas. After that, like-minded students are put into groups with one simple directive: make something.

The initial prompt for this virtual collaboration was “What three things are you thinking about during this time?” It led to incredibly profound and thought-provoking dialogue. We then split into three groups, and with the help of assigned artistic mentors, discussed, developed, wrote, recorded, and edited the final projects that you are about to watch. These are true collaborations, embedded with the foundational work of “yes, and…,” generating ideas from one another and building upon them equally in order to create a comprehensive whole.

We couldn’t be more proud of the result, representing four weeks of collaboration by all our students. As we get ready for summer’s Youth Rep, we know that even if we must remain apart physically, the creativity and passion for theatrical expression will be stronger than ever.  FAC Theatre School classes

Three projects compose this series:
Tomorrow, We Dance — released May 15, 2020
Dear Younger Self
— released May 22, 2020
Slam Poetry — released May 29, 2020

Slam Poetry

Dear Younger Self

Tomorrow, We Dance

About FAC Youth Repertory Theatre

Amongst the diverse and comprehensive programming offered by the FAC Theatre School, the Youth Repertory Ensemble exists as a hallmark, and, in many ways, the centerpiece of our offerings. For 21 years, the FAC has devoted significant time and resources to the Youth Rep program, providing high-quality conservatory-style training to area high-school students via a 5-week summer curriculum.

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