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Jennifer Oseth

Meet Our Dec Member of the Month: Jennifer Oseth

Why did you become members of the Fine Arts Center?

I became a member because of all the wonderful things that the FAC stands for … sharing, cultivating and preserving the arts in our community. It has been an honor to be associated with the Fine Arts Center through my affiliation to the Colorado Springs Debutante Ball Committee. I am proud of our partnership and especially the acquisitions that have been purchased for the FAC permanent collection by the funds from the Debutante Ball Committee over the past 50 years.

When did your interest in the arts begin?

My interest in the arts began when I was a child, through the exposure I had to various museums in Michigan and Minnesota, and to the museums that I have visited when traveling. I especially love the continual learning and growth that is made through discovering the arts and experiencing the visual arts and theater.

What has been one of your favorite experiences at the FAC?

My absolute favorite exhibit is the current exhibit 50 Years of Grace, which is on display until the end of January. It is so amazing to me how many beautiful and diverse pieces of art the Debutante Ball Committee has acquired over the years. With the direction of the FAC curator, museum director and staff, we have been guided to acquire pieces that fit well into the museum’s existing collection. I am quite looking forward to the exquisite piece of art that was selected by the past Debutante Ball Chairman to commemorate the 50th year of the Ball; this piece will be announced and revealed at the reception for the2016 Debutantes and their families on December 21st.

What is your favorite work of art at the FAC?

My favorite work of would have to be John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Miss Elsie Palmer, because it is such a signature piece to the museum, by a very famous artist, honoring the daughter of our city’s founder, William Jackson Palmer. Plus it is a piece that was purchased from the Colorado Springs Debutante Ball Committee fund. What a treasure!

What else do you do for fun in Colorado Springs?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, my son and daughter in law, and my son and our future daughter in law. We are blessed with wonderful friends from over 25 years of living in Colorado Springs, and we love to entertain and share memories with the special people in our lives. This also includes the time we spend with our two precious Airedale terriers, Sophie and Ole.