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Denver Post: Mexican ceramics fire up fun

The Denver Post’s Kyle MacMillan reviewed the permanent collection exhibition Color, Whimsy and Humor: Mexican Popular Ceramics on view Aug. 1, 2009–April 30, 2011, calling it “entertaining and down-to-earth” and “a visual carnival that anyone can enjoy.”

“Art can inspire, inform, enlighten, provoke and comfort. And, sometimes, it can just be fun. Put an ongoing exhibition at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center solidly in that last category. Its title aptly sums up the anything-but-highfalutin artwork on view: Color, Whimsy and Humor: Mexican Popular Ceramics. The 29 playful, festively decorated clay sculptures draw on a variety of folk traditions and take the form of everything from fanciful animals to masked figures, ornate candelabras and even a miniature bullfighting arena. They are handsomely arranged in a gallery boisterously decorated to match …”