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“Detour” installation brings interactive painting to the Fine Arts Center


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Aug. 22, 2019) — The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College is excited to present the special multi-sensory installation “Detour,” on view Sept. 21-Dec. 8, 2019. “Detour” is curated by FAC Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Joy Armstrong.

Detour is the moniker of Thomas Evans, a Denver-based painter, muralist, and installation artist, internationally renowned for his brightly-colored portraits and large-scale artworks. Inspired by breakdancing and hip-hop, Evans often exists at the intersection of art and music. He mixes new media with more traditional fine arts processes to create touch-sensitive surfaces that respond with sound. His innovative use of technology and dynamic color bring an interactive, engaging quality to his work.

Evans challenges expectations of static artworks that are positioned literally (and figuratively) beyond the viewer’s reach. Through physical engagement with the work, museum visitors become active participants in the creative process as collaborators with the artist and fellow guests, resulting in a unique, memorable experience. For Evans, art should be “a part of your life, rather than just in it.”

“For many years, the Fine Arts Center has celebrated the importance of physical engagement with visual art with the Mashburn|Marshall Tactile Gallery, a space where visitors are invited to touch the art. Detour’s interactive installation expands upon this philosophy of multiple modes of engagement with the inclusion of sound, resulting in a true collaboration between the artist and the viewer—the installation is only complete with visitor participation by gentle touch,” said Armstrong. “While most museum objects remain hands-off, Detour’s innovative work reminds us that all art may be deeply experienced when we engage with multiple senses. You will find that sight, sound, and smell can weave together to form rich experiences with art and create meaningful participation in the creative process.”

Evans earned national acclaim in 2016 with acknowledgement from the Huffington Post about “They Still Live,” a series he created that combines photography, DNA mapping, and African objects, sponsored by The artist and his work have been featured by CNN as well as numerous digital, print, radio and television outlets. Most recently, Evans was commissioned to create a portrait of Jay-Z for David Letterman’s Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.” The show introduces each guest with a stylized video or piece of art (Evans also created a portrait of Letterman).

More information about Thomas “Detour” Evans may be found at