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Excerpt from “Ten Reasons to Go to a Play and Support Local Theatre,” by Cheryl Ray

       “Colorado Springs is fortunate to have many theatre groups that present outstanding productions regularly. The Fine Arts Center’s Theatre Company is well known and highly regarded for its consistently superb productions. As a long-time subscriber to its theatre season main stage productions, I readily and wholeheartedly attest to its reputation for true excellence. In an interview, Scott R. C. Levy, Producing Artistic Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center’s Theatre Company, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on why we should go to a play and support the local theatre community…”

      Go to to read Scott Levy’s top 10 reasons for the importance and uniqueness of theatre! 

Cheryl Ray has a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Drama, an M.A. in English, a Ph.D – ABD in Social, Multicultural Foundations of Education with an emphasis in Anthropology in Education, and K – 12 Literacy Specialist certification.