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See, Think, Wonder

1. Visit the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College eMuseum permanent collection.

2. View the collections and select a work of art. This exercise works with any work of art.

3. Download one of the fillable exercise templates:

4. Once you have your template ready:

  • Look carefully at your selected work of art
  • List at least 10 things that you notice in the “I see…” category (shapes, colors, lines, images, etc.)
  • Based on what you noticed, list 5 things those observations made you think about
  • Finally, list what you are now wondering

For Educators

Educators at the FAC Museum use this exercise with groups at the museum to help them develop questions as a result of visual observations and interpretations. We have provided additional instructions below to encourage inquiry with your students through various texts:

Possible questions for your students following the exercise:

  • How have our observations impacted how we experience the work?
  • How can we connect the process See, Think, Wonder or this artwork to what we’re learning in class?
  • How can we connect this process or artwork to our lives?

This activity has been adapted from the Artful Thinking Program at Harvard’s Project Zero.