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Honoring a Legacy

Spectacular Native American Objects The iconic image of a North American Indian on horseback, adorned by a feathered headdress, is deeply rooted in contemporary American collective memory. Although this image is commonly recognizable, it is in fact a generalization resulting from the combination of a handful of characteristics taken from only a few of the […]

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Aaron Smith’s Synergy Project #1

By precisely pairing a beautifully designed acrylic sculpture with manipulated light, Smith changes the way we perceive the sculpture and the space around it. The artist states that his work “stems from an interest in the relationship between visual perception and the existentialist notion of presence, and how they work together to form a part […]

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Heather Oelklaus: One of a Kind

Colorado Springs-based artist Heather Oelklaus (born 1972) explores her subjects through historic photographic processes. Although Oelklaus employs vintage techniques, many of which date back to the beginnings of photography itself, her compositions frequently speak the language of abstract painting or motion pictures. But it is Oelklaus’s combination of these extremely difficult technical processes with contemporary […]

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Margaret Kasahara: Between the Lines

“Identity is mutable. We move between lines. We break free of lines.  We define and redefine ‘who’ we are, even as ‘what’ we are remains mostly constant. As I interweave my interior life with my exterior experiences through my visual voice, I find that the more personal the work has grown, the more universal it […]

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Andrew Ramiro Tirado: Open

Andrew Ramiro Tirado, who labored since mid-June on a centerpiece for his exhibition, Open, recently unveiled the result. For Andy, this has been about the journey, about the process. True to the name of his exhibit, he wants his work to be open and transparent, and he’s loved those moments when visitors have been bold […]

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