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Steven Yazzie: ^^(Resource)

The central video of ^^(Resource) follows the journey of a yellow stone taken from Dook’o’osliid, later named the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona, a location that is sacred to the […]

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Where the Saint Lives

Where the Saint Lives examines works produced in the Southwestern United States and Mexico spanning from the 1800s to the early 2000s that make visible the link between cultural identity […]

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Robert Blackburn & Modern American Printmaking

Robert Blackburn (1920-2003) was a key artist in the development of printmaking in the twentieth century. His innovative, masterful expertise with the medium helped define the overall aesthetic of the […]

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Floyd D. Tunson: Hearts and Minds

Floyd D. Tunson’s Hearts and Minds invites us to move slowly across its monumental surface—nine panels in total—to absorb the profound and somber message. Bullseye targets flank tenderly rendered portraits […]

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Reframing “Birds of America:” Conversations on Audubon

From 1827-1838 John James Audubon published Birds of America, which is generally considered to be among the finest examples of prints illustrating avian life in America. This exhibition Reframing “Birds […]

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