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Lost then Found: Stories of the “Tilley Crucifix”

Curious about the “back story” behind the objects in the FAC museum? Students in Colorado College’s Museum Practicum class spent this year investigating one of the artworks in the Museum’s […]

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The Gift

“As scientists and artists, we are all observers of the world. We are all interpreters and storytellers,” said Dr. Gosnell. “We hope people leave this experience feeling a closer connection […]

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Eiko Otake: I Invited Myself, vol. II

Movement is fundamental to the artist Eiko Otake, who uses her body to explore themes of mortality, time, and place. Growing up in post-World War II Japan, Otake studied dance […]

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Creative/Connections: Two Decades of Art and Friendship

What role does creativity play in sustaining a friendship? What role does friendship play in sustaining a creative practice? Teal Fitzpatrick and Giselle Restrepo met at Colorado College more than […]

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Breathe into the Past: Crosscurrents in the Caribbean

The lands that touch the Caribbean Sea have become inextricably intertwined, over the centuries, with the rest of the globe, including parts of Africa, India, China, Japan, Europe, the United […]

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