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Pertenecer: Chicanx Artists on Belonging

María Baca, Ryan Bonilla, Maria de Los Angeles, Miguel Gandert, Xandra Ibarra, A. Gabriel Meléndez, Sylvia Montero, Delilah M. Montoya, Tony Ortega As the title suggests — Pertenecer is Spanish for “to belong” — this exhibition presents artworks by nine artists who explore the possibilities and meanings of belonging. The diverse experiences of belonging are […]

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The Broadmoor Art Academy and Its Legacy, 1919-1970

On October 15, 1919, the Broadmoor Art Academy (BAA) was born. Through the generosity of Julie and Spencer Penrose, the art school was housed in their former residence at 30 West Dale Street. Drawn to the idea of exploring the American West, artists came to Colorado Springs to experience its clear blue skies, dramatic lighting, […]

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Detour: Two Can Play That Game

Thomas “Detour” Evans is a Denver-based painter, muralist, and installation artist, internationally renowned for his brightly colored portraits and large-scale artworks. Inspired by breakdancing and hip hop, Evans often exists at the intersection of art and music, notably with his innovative use of technology to create touch sensitive surfaces that respond with sound. For years, […]

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Melanie Yazzie: Finding Oneself Again and Again

Melanie Yazzie is informed by the Diné philosophy of hozho — translated as blessings, beauty, and harmony. After experiencing illness, she challenged herself to create artworks that find ways to heal from and to balance the negative effects of settler colonialism that Indigenous people live with on a daily basis. Her earlier works focused on […]

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Notes from the Musick Collection

Archie Musick was a lively figure in local history who had close ties to many prominent figures at the Broadmoor Art Academy (BAA) and Fine Arts Center (FAC), memories of whom are colorfully chronicled in his memoir, Musick Medley. First a student at the BAA and later at the FAC, Musick assembled an astonishing collection […]

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