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Abdi Osman

Abdi Osman’s work offers visual engagements with diasporic movement, settlement, and emplacement in the Americas through a nuanced documentary practice. Drawing attention to the passport and shoreline as sites of colonization, […]

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Clarence Shivers: Experimenting with Form

Over the course of his career, Clarence Shivers (1923-2007) demonstrated a commitment to artistic experimentation, working across different media—both two- and three-dimensional—and cultivating a range of stylistic approaches. A Tuskegee […]

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Another Way is Possible

Another Way is Possible contains items that tell the story of the transformation of guns to garden tools, art, jewelry, and other lovely things. It contains items made from broken […]

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Mi Gente: Manifestations of Community in the Southwest

Community can be defined as a group of people who have shared characteristics or inhabit the same space. Drawing from works in the collection stewarded by the Colorado Springs Fine […]

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From Source to Mouth: a creative survey of Monument Creek

Monument Creek is a 27.2 mile stream that flows along Colorado’s Front Range. Cutting through the heart of Colorado Springs, this small but essential waterway is a source of local drinking […]

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