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Notes from the Musick Collection

Archie Musick was a lively figure in local history who had close ties to many prominent figures at the Broadmoor Art Academy (BAA) and Fine Arts Center (FAC), memories of whom are colorfully chronicled in his memoir, Musick Medley. First a student at the BAA and later at the FAC, Musick assembled an astonishing collection […]

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World of WearableArt™

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the World of WearableArt™ (known as WOW®), New Zealand’s largest arts show. WOW® is an international design competition that attracts hundreds of entries, with an annual awards show that presents the finalist garments in a theatrical extravaganza that collides at the intersection of fashion and art. The rules […]

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The Modbo Turns Ten

In 2009, Lauren Ciborowski and Brett Andrus started a tiny art gallery with a momentous mission: to create a new arts scene in Colorado Springs. Operating as a for-profit gallery at the height of the recession in a downtown alley meant the stakes were high and the odds were stacked. But this wasn’t just about […]

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Christine Howard Sandoval: Channel

This exhibition explores the complex conversations between land use and water rights, focusing on cultural continuity and fracture. Informed by research, Christine Howard Sandoval’s artworks explore the structures, materials and communities involved in managing agricultural waterways known as acequias. Working collectively, contemporary Indigenous and Hispanic people retain their water rights in New Mexico through the […]

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Nora Naranjo Morse: Gathering Ground

Throughout her career as a sculptor, Nora Naranjo Morse has confronted contradictions between what she knows as a Kha Pˈo (Santa Clara Pueblo) woman and what she observes in the world. As a young artists, she began to move away from working on traditional pottery when she understood how the art market commodified Pueblo culture. […]

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