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FAC Insider – February 2017

News from FAC President & CEO, David Dahlin

Last month, I wrote to you about my personal theme for the year — the theme of discovery. At that time I knew that I would be leaving the Fine Arts Center by the end of June but we hadn’t yet made the announcement. I am so grateful to have been able to play a role in setting the Fine Arts Center on a trajectory of not only stability, but one of growth and excellence. I knew when we started the conversations with Colorado College more than a year ago, that there was a high likelihood that my position might not continue past this first year of the transition. Nonetheless, I was eager to form the alliance as I saw what great potential it created for the Fine Arts Center and for our community.

Through the past five months of the strategic planning process, we have been eagerly discovering the possibilities of what our programs will look like in the years to come. We recently presented the draft strategic plan documents for our three core programming areas based on the input from the public listening sessions and smaller focus groups. If you haven’t reviewed them yet, I encourage you to do so here ( I think you will be pleased to see the depth and strength of programming that is envisioned for the future.

When I came to the Fine Arts Center nearly three years ago, we were faced with some very significant long-term challenges. Now we are faced with a nearly overwhelming set of new program ideas and opportunities for collaboration with other departments of the college and the broader community. In general, what you will experience is “more and better.” Yes, there will be changes, but I expect we will discover together that we will greatly benefit by integrating with the Colorado College.

In addition to program improvements, the college is investing more than $700,000 in capital improvements that will be completed by July of this year. Much of this will be unseen but critical work, such as a new museum collections database, upgraded security systems, and heating and cooling mechanics. Two improvements you will notice and be excited about are electronic door openers, providing handicap accessibility for the front doors, and the refurbishing of our marvelous terrazzo floors throughout the grand hallways and stairs. Many other small improvements are happening on a weekly basis. I invite you to come by and discover them.

Last but not least, I have great comfort and confidence in the future knowing that Erin Hannan, our current Executive Director of Advancement and External Affairs, will assume the new leadership role for the Fine Arts Center. Erin’s deep love for, and history with, the Fine Arts Center and this community will serve us well in this next era. I hope you will provide her with the same level of support you did me. This remains a community institution, dedicated to serving our residents and visitors and depending on community members for support. We are in such a wonderful position to forge a thriving new future for the Fine Arts Center and to discover new ways of supporting and promoting the arts.

Discover with us!