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Haunted Windchimes opening for Arlo Guthrie

Pueblo’s own Haunted Windchimes will be opening for Arlo Guthrie: Labor Day on the Lawn!

Since their inception in the fall of 2006, The Haunted Windchimes have traveled cross-country, released three albums, graced the cover of the Colorado Springs Independent, pioneered an indy record label, received radio airplay locally and abroad, and have shared the stage with the likes of headlining acts such as; Devothcka, Magnolia Electric Co, Martha Scanlan, David Dondero and more.

Hailing from the Rocky Mountain town of Pueblo Colorado, The Haunted Windchimes are a musical concept born from the first conversation between vocalist Desirae Garcia and singer-songwriter Inaiah Lujan in reference to a set of mysterious wind-chimes that would chime without a hint of wind. Through the static of the Colorado Phone lines, The Haunted Windchimes took form through the ghost towns of the mind, where the music is of the haunting kind.

Adam Leech from the Colorado Springs Independent wrote, “Not since the infamously troubled troubadour Gram Parsons collaboration with Emmylou Harris, or the legendary duets of Johnny Cash and June Carter, has there been a more evocative, magnetic and captivating folk duo. Seriously.”

From this ghost hunt, an Album was born and given the appropriate name “Ballad of the Winds.” These songs of wind, allow you to drift through tales of death, rebirth, love and revolution. Released in the spring of 2007 by Minneapolis based Indie label “Peddling Records”, The Windchimes thought it was about time to put on their traveling shoes and share their music with the rest of the world…or in this case, all those gathered at the FAC and Monument Valley Park.