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Shifting Perspectives

Help your students consider new perspectives using evidence with the exhibition O’Beautiful! Shifting Landscapes of the Pikes Peak Region 

Click on a card below to guide your explorations of the artworks:

Download guided notes (fillable form)

For Educators

Process Notes

1. Assign each student one of the “Shifting Perspectives” cards 

2. Before looking at eMuseum, students should:  

  • Read their card 
  • Look up any words they are unfamiliar with 

3. Have each student answer the question posed on their cards using the corresponding artworks linked in their card 

  • Use the notes guide (linked above) to help students organize their thinking 
  • Reinforce that students should use visual evidence to support their claims 

4. OPTIONSDetermine how you would like students to demonstrate their thinking 

  • Written response 
  • Video response 
  • Structured notes 
  • Other 

5. OPTIONSDetermine how you would like students to share their thinking with others 

  • Online response board 
  • Google Classroom/Schoology posts 
  • Other virtual communication tool 

Through completion of this activity, students will develop the following skills: 

  • Using visual text to support thinking 
  • Formulating an argument 
  • Using evidence to support claims 
  • Writing about visual texts