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members of the month

Meet our April/May members of the month: Virginia and Zoe Franklyn

Fine Arts Center Members for 1 year

Why did you become a member of the Fine Arts Center?
We become members because free family memberships were offered to 4th graders.

When did your interest in the arts begin?
I’m not sure, I think I have been interested my whole life.  I especially remember being interested in music from a young age as I was briefly taught the Suzuki method of violin. I also remember teaching myself the piano as a teenager. I was obsessed but, alas, my terrible technique prevented much progress. Like many children, I loved to draw in my youth but didn’t possess a great artistic mind. So more the appreciator than the creator.

What has been one of your favorite plays, classes or exhibits at the Fine Arts Center and why?
We loved the World of Wearable Art exhibit because the costumes were so interesting and beautiful. It was amazing to see them worn by people. We also loved the Knuffle Bunny play a few years back. At that time, my daughter was really into Knuffle Bunny so her reactions were priceless. Aggle blaggle!

What is your favorite work of art at the FAC?
We like the altars on display at the FAC.

What else do you like to do for fun in Colorado Springs?
We like hiking, walking our dog, and eating at restaurants. I’m typing this request in the middle of a snowstorm during the coronavirus quarantine, so none of these interests are available. During this time, I take the opportunity to settle down with a good book.