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members of the month

Meet our Dec/Jan members of the month: Terry Cline, Stephanie Alberti, Terresse and Soffiya Alberti-Cline

New FAC members

Why did you become a member of the Fine Arts Center?

Terry: First of all, our family became members this year due to the fourth grade Fine Arts Center program. However, I have always wanted to take my grandchildren to the Fine Arts Center to share in its culture and arts and to give them some exposure. Terresse: (9 yrs old) A flyer came home at the end of the school year about registering as a 4th grader. Grandma got us all signed up. Soffiya: (6 yrs old) I became a member because my sister was.

When did your interest in the arts begin?

Terry: Since I was a little girl, I have loved the arts. I was more into the musical/drama aspects, but also loved to draw. When I had children, I made sure that they too were exposed to various kinds of art. I discovered that my daughter had a real gift for drawing and painting. Today, I have noticed how creative her two sweet daughters are as well. Stephanie: I began drawing and creating art pieces at an early age. In middle school, I would draw cathedrals. In high school I painted, drew with various chalks and pencils, and then delved into the digital arts. Terresse: I love to draw. I’m always drawing everywhere I go. I am drawing horse and unicorns now, but also love to draw cats and dogs. Soffiya: I love to draw flowers. Ever since I was little I love to paint and mix colors.

What has been one of your favorite plays, classes or exhibits at the Fine Arts Center and why?

Terresse: I haven’t had a chance yet to attend a play or an art class, but really want to. I think one of my favorite pieces of art is the horse pottery. Soffiya: I liked the rugs in the Southwest exhibit, but I also liked the guard dog piece. I also liked playing the scavenger hunt cards and liked the big bowl on my card.  Terry: I really enjoyed participating with the girls in the curator room. They enjoyed touching very old pieces of art and they told me that they learned why the Tepees had different designs on them. We learned a lot. Stephanie: I really liked the large white piece of art hanging in the hallway (Sugar boats). There was something magical about it.

What else do you like to do for fun in Colorado Springs?

Terresse: Visit the Pikes Peak Center to watch musical groups like Celtic Woman. I like the Garden of the Gods too. I want to do more at the Fine Arts Center.  Soffiya: I like seeing Disney shows at Pikes Peak Center. I like looking at the rocks at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. I collect rocks.