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Dale Ferbrache FAC member

Meet our June/July member of the month: Dale Ferbrache

Member for 1 year

Why did you become a member of the Fine Arts Center?

It’s when I learned that Colorado College was acquiring the FAC that I decided to join—I knew that CC would take it to a new level—and they have. I’ve never seen the FAC shine like it does today. I feel that the FAC is not only an art museum, but a classroom for life. The FAC enables the patron to grow and to learn valuable life lessons. Every time I leave this building, I leave feeling empowered.

When did your interest in the arts begin?

At the age of five playing piano recitals upstairs in the Music Room. Just recently I was given the privilege to visit and play that Steinway—the same piano I played 47 years ago. It was surreal.

What has been one of your favorite plays, classes or exhibits at the Fine Arts Center?

There have been two exhibits that had a major impact on me. 1) Tom Marioni: The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends. To me that was more of an event. It was healing for the soul. I’ve never seen so many people in one room having that much connection and fun! 2) Year of the Dog. I’ll never view my dogs the same again. Both exhibitions were compelling.

What is your favorite work of art at the FAC?

The building of course! It’s a stellar structure, brilliant inside and out; a classy haven. It’s my favorite building in town and always has been. It has a 5 star Zen! Right when I walk in the door, I’m greeted with warm, friendly smiles by the front desk staff, which starts off my visit on a great note. And might I say, every staff member—from the lobby counter to the top offices—they are the heartbeat of the FAC. They all deserve an award for how they treat the patrons. They truly make it happen. I would like to name a few (if there was room I would name all of them)—Megan, Tim, Ashley, Claire, Adam, Kim, Luke, Dawn, Angie, Austin, Joy, Polly, Amanda, Kari, and Karen.

What else do you like to do for fun in Colorado Springs?

I’m an avid walker. My favorite place to walk is the Old North End. I’m lucky to have many great friends and extended family. I also have a passion for scrabble. My main joy are my two schnauzers Louie and Gabe.