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NEW Acquisition: Esteban Blanco’s “Spy Plane”

Esteban Blanco, Spy Plane, wood, fiberglass, automotive lacquer and lenticular images

Cuban-born artist Esteban Blanco crafted one of the FAC’s most interesting new acquisitions. We featured this piece in last editions ArtsFocus, the FAC’s member magazine. Here’s the article:

Spy Plane is as a representation of the SR-71, a strategic reconnaissance aircraft and fastest plane ever made. The work is part of a series called “Violent Toys” by Cuban artist Esteban Blanco.

“This series explores the act of role-playing as both escapism and a way to order the world according to the boundaries of our childhood experience,” writes Blanco. “As children, we may imagine ourselves powerful, wealthy or desirable beyond our reality and in the comfort zone-which our toys and imaginary world provide. This work examines the proposition that, to the extent to which our childhood desires and goals are ever truly settled in adulthood, we continue the fantasy in the form of daydreams, or by object-worship.”

The acquisition strengthens the collection of three-dimensional works and is an important addition to the museum’s collection of contemporary Latin American works.

Blanco was born in Pinar del Rio province in Cuba, migrated to the U.S. in 1961, and after living in New York and Mexico City, moved to Miami. The artist studied art at the Brooklyn Museum School and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has exhibited in Miami, Mexico City and New York City.

Spy Plane, a gift from the artist via the William Havu Gallery in Denver, was accepted into the Permanent Collection in October, and is currently on view on the first floor.