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Sharon Kay White: It’s Very Strange Wearing A Tank Top, Singing Christmas Songs!

From Christmas Survival Guide cast-member Sharon Kay White:

Ahhh, Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas? I have to say, as an actor, it’s very strange to be wearing a tank top, singing Christmas songs in July, August, September…that’s generally when an actor auditions for a Christmas production. But it does put one in a Christmas frame of mind. And oftentimes, doing those same old tired Christmas shows year after year can make any yuletide-lovin’ gal a Santa cynic. But A Christmas Survival Guide is unlike any other Christmas show I’ve ever seen or performed in, and for that, I am grateful! Even though there actually IS a bit of cynicism (and a lot of humor) in the show, it is steeped in reality, and always brings you back to find the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

We’re having a great time finding all of that with this show, and we hope to be able to share that with a lot of people this year! I figure that if WE’RE all laughing and crying during rehearsals, surely audiences will have a similar experience in seeing the show. I hope so, because it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s been a blast working with such a talented and dedicated group of actors, technicians, designers, administrators, and musicians. And what a bonus to be directed by my dear, darling friend, Michael….and even our shared commute from Denver has been a blast. What more could a girl ask for? Well, a date with Santa, I suppose…..see the show. You’ll get the joke.