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The Fine Arts Center presents “Tiny Beautiful Things” based on the book by Cheryl Strayed


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 10, 2019) — The Fine Arts Center Theatre Company is excited to present “Tiny Beautiful Things,” Nov. 8-Dec. 1, 2019. The play is based on the book by Cheryl Strayed (adapted for the stage by Nia Vardalos) and directed by Henry award-winner Christy Montour-Larson.

While Strayed was awaiting the publication of her memoir “Wild,” she sent a note of appreciation to an anonymous online advice column called “Dear Sugar.” The author of the column responded, revealing his identity and reminding her that they had met at a writer’s conference. He admired her writing and invited her to take over the column. Strayed agreed and changed the tone, sprinkling her responses with personal stories and genuine empathy. The column became wildly popular, and the letters were later collected as the book “Tiny Beautiful Things.”

“‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ is rich with humor, insight and compassion. It is one of the more poignant and life-affirming scripts I’ve read in a long time,” said Montour-Larson. “It is so much more than an advice column on stage. Instead of answers, Sugar provides illumination. Life can be hard and it can be wonderful. I love how the play reminds us of the way, like it or not, we are all connected. That is why the book is so suited to be experienced live, on stage, with the Colorado Springs community.”

The stage adaptation of the book places Strayed in her home, where the letter writers appear and share their deepest hurts and struggles. The letters are full of heartbreak and humor, and Strayed counsels each writer deep into the night, sharing words of compassion and hope.

“Tiny Beautiful Things is about the endangered art of listening to – and really hearing and responding to – other people…it works beautifully as a sustained theatrical exercise in empathy.”
—The New York Times

The play stars Alison Mickelson (last seen in the 2018 FAC production of “Fun Home”) as Strayed. She is joined by FAC favorites Steve Emily, Heidi Guzman, and Marisa Hebert.

The creative team includes Chris Sheley (scenic design), Holly Anne Rawls (lighting design), Maelia Kalua (costume design) and Terri Harrison (props design).

Tickets are now on sale at or through the box office at (719) 634-5583.