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Memory Loss Programs

Bridging Memories

Bridging Memories tours are available for small groups of individuals with early memory loss and their care partner. The concept came through a program developed by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as part of their Community and Access Programs.

Trained by the designer of MoMA’s original Alzheimer’s Project, the FAC docents build an accepting environment to engage participants in conversations about art pieces, and creating connections. These abbreviated tours provide social and cognitive stimulation for those who have memory loss, as well as an opportunity to explore and exchange thoughts and ideas without having to rely on short-term memory.

Why Art?

Interactive activities, viewing of original works of art and lively discussion offers:

For persons with memory loss:

  • Opportunities for individuals with memory loss and their care partner to connect through art
  • Engagement in meaningful activity and opportunity for personal growth
  • A forum for exploration and exchange of ideas without relying on short-term memory
  • Access to personal experiences and long-term memories
  • A means to make connections between individual experience and the world at large
  • Mental stimulation and cognitive exercise, which preliminary research suggests offer health benefits
  • A social setting where all participants are respected and valued as contributors

For caregivers:

  • An opportunity to explore their interests in art while the person in their care is present, safe and engaged
  • Social engagement with other caregivers and the opportunity to share stories and challenges
  • A respite, both physically and psychologically

Spark Program

The newest program at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is designed for caregivers and loved ones with memory loss.

SPARK! is a free program offered in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association for people experiencing mild memory loss, early stage Alzheimer’s, or a related dementia, and their family, friends, and guests.

These cultural programs feature interactive and engaging experiences in a welcoming environment. Specially trained educators and guides involve participants in lively discussions, social engagement, and other hands-on multi-sensory activities using the genres of art, music, and poetry.

These programs last for one hour and end with a gathering, giving participants and caregivers an opportunity to support and socialize. Attendance for this monthly program is free with advance registration.

  • 2nd Thursday of the Month – Every other month – starting in January
  • Arrival at 1:00p
  • Tour from 1:15-2:15p
  • Wrap-up/depart 2:15-2:30p
  • Limited to 15 participants
  • Meet in Main Conference Room