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3×3 Projects

Creative Collaborations from Isolation

Seven projects will be funded in the amount of $3,000 per project. Funds awarded will be inclusive and project teams will decide how to divide them accordingly. In the future there may be an opportunity to apply for additional funding to adapt these digital projects into physical experiences at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. 

The May 1 deadline has past, see selected projects

Project Details

Artists collaborate all the time, but not always from a distance. In our present reality of isolation, artists must find different avenues for the creation and presentation of work. With this in mind, the Fine Arts Center and Performing Arts at Colorado College invite artists of the Rocky Mountain West and American Southwest to pitch a collaborative, multidisciplinary project to premiere in the online world this summer.

Artists should also consider how the project can be actualized outside of the digital realm at some point in the future. Examples of how these projects might evolve include audio plays, installations, dance pieces, screen to stage works, interactive exhibitions, hybrids…anything that pushes us to think and appreciate the world around us in new ways.

We do not want to put boundaries on your creativity, but we also know that innovation thrives under constraint. In addition to the fact that collaborators must work remotely, we request that projects:

  • Involve three or more individuals, each working in different creative arenas*
  • Draw inspiration from or tell a story about our region (Rocky Mountain West and the American Southwest)
  • Culminate in a digital/virtual experience lasting between 5–10 minutes
  • Be completed and ready for premiere in summer 2020 (June–August)

*This could be, for example, three visual artists working in different mediums, or three artists from different disciplines.

For inspiration, we invite you to:

  • Peruse items from the permanent collection of the FAC, which showcases the rich history and vibrant contemporary cultures of the Southwest and the Americas
  • Consider how art navigates the spaces that exist between people, confronts the inequities that emerge, and examines the power structures that drive them; we welcome projects that challenge the mythology and romanticization of the American West/Southwest
  • Reach out to one or more community arts organizations
  • Consider potential collaborations with the CC community, including student groups and academic departments and programs

Projects do not need to be about the present moment.

Support for the 3×3 Projects provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant for Southwest Arts and Culture, Performing Arts at Colorado College, and the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund.
Proposals will be evaluated by a panel composed of CC/FAC faculty, staff, and community members.



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3x3 Projects

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