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The Baroque World of Fernando Botero

Botero exhibition getting some ink

The Fine Arts Center’s exhibition, The Baroque World of Fernando Botero (May 30–Aug. 16, 2009), is causing a stir, featured on the cover of The Independent, the cover of the GO!, the top story on the Denver Post’s Entertainment section and on page 1A of today’s Gazette. The FAC hasn’t been on both local covers in the same week since the Extremely Grand Opening in August of 2007.

The Opening Celebration is tonight from 5-8 p.m. We invite you all to join us. FAC members can attend the Opening and every day of the exhibit for free.

CS Independent
“Their breadth is stunningly majestic. Years from now, locals will still talk about the FAC hosting this show.”

Denver Post
“But Los Angeles’ and New York’s loss is Colorado’s gain, because this exhaustive exhibition makes clear that it is time for a major reconsideration of this doggedly independent-minded artist … Indeed, the Botero that emerges via this exhibition, which will surely draw visitors from along the Front Range, is a surprisingly complex … “

The Gazette
“As you walk through the three sprawling galleries, it feels much like the Louvre – room upon room of palace-ready paintings … “

“ … formidable, big-boned, larger than life and literally two tons of fun.”