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Virtual Interactive experience
Small Glimpses, Many Times

Take a virtual tour of Nancy Lovendahl’s exhibition, Small Glimpses, Many Times with a museum educator. Explore your perception of a mountain while connecting to the artist’s depiction of her own mountain. This virtual tour takes you through the exhibition linking sculpture, philosophy, and metaphor to your own reflections.  

After the tour, download this interactive activity to visually experience the power of perception through creation.


This is an invitation for us all — no matter what our questions or beliefs are — to open and refresh our minds at the mountain top, renew our connections to the world, and to authentically connect with one another.
— Nancy Lovendahl

Virtual Interactive Experience


Studio Tour

Studio Tour

Take a virtual trip to see Nancy Lovendahl’s studio in Old Snowmass, Colorado: she speaks about her creative process and her motivation for producing art.


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Small Glimpses, Many Times

The exhibition title references meditative, repetitive practices found in Buddhist philosophy. In this new body of work, Lovendahl uses repetition and scale to invite viewers to examine their own perception of the world around them. She has constructed the form of a mountain (Garett Peak, which rises above her home in Snowmass) from memory, repeating the form in two and three dimensions and various media, including cast resin and Tyvek.

Lovendahl views the mountain form as a metaphor that allows her to explore the difference between the object itself and her concept of it. Through the process of iteration and repetition, she aims to offer new ways of seeing and understanding. Lovendahl hopes that this work will prompt viewers to examine their own perception and assumptions, making space for unity and connection.

Exhibition Information

About the Artist

“I was born and raised in the Chicago area and escaped what I anticipated would be a confining future to the vast open space of Colorado.”

Nancy Lovendahl grew up in the Chicago area and studied ceramics at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before moving to the western slopes of Colorado in the 1970s. Her artwork can be found in private and public collections, including The Smithsonian Institution in Wash., DC and Keramikmuseum Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. She has been the recipient of multiple Colorado Art in Public Places commissions as well as two public art commissions in Texas. Lovendahl teaches at institutions such as The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, China and Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, CO. She exhibits nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions at The Red Gate Gallery Residency in Beijing, The National Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia and the Art Base, in Basalt, CO. Lovendahl is represented by Michael Warren Contemporary, in Denver and lives in Old Snowmass, CO with husband, jewelry designer Scott Keating, their dog and cat. She works in studios in Old Snowmass and Denver, CO.

Artist Interview

In August 2019, artist Nancy Lovendahl and independent curator Joy Armstrong sat down for a conversation about Nancy’s work and upcoming exhibition at the Fine Arts Center.

Read the Interview